Our Company CS Digital Solutions Ltd. (Sofia, Bulgaria) has been established to consolidate the previous experience, knowledge and resources in the field of development digital solutions for business.

Our main competencies are concentrated in the field of project implementation in a virtual and augmented reality environment and in the sphere of development of application software and the creation of hardware and software systems based on the concept of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for various industries.

Qualified team of expert-level developers, engineers of various profiles in the company's staff, access to the scientific base of leading technical universities in Europe - all this is the key to the successful implementation of the most ambitious projects in the field of digital solutions for industrial enterprises.

We know theory inside out and relate it to practice effectively.
Concept development, preparation of technical specifications, individually tailored scenarios, potential for development assessment – we are capable of rendering all these services.
On time service, up front pricing, intended result – no surprises!
We will ensure quality after-project support.
We are experts with a proven track record who value their reputation – that is why we provide only high quality solutions to our clients.
We offer individually tailored services to achieve high customer satisfaction.
Example of virtual scene of Switchgear 3D model

Vitrual Reality (VR)

VR-simulators: nowadays it is an effective, useful, interesting and accessible solution. We make high-quality, convenient and functional VR-simulators for industrial enterprises. During the development process we give priority to requirements and expectations of our customers. We at CS DS possess deep knowledge of many technological processes in various industries - it helps us approach competently the development of training programs and avoid many mistakes and shortcomings in the implementation of projects on industrial VR‑simulators. We duly test all of our products to eliminate critical defects detections during industrial operation. With detailed approach our specialists ensure consistently high level of visualization and high-quality gameplay. User experience study enables us to constantly optimize and improve the proposed solutions.

Company's portfolio already has a number of successfully implemented projects in the field of development of complex industrial VR-simulators.

Interactive VR tours and educational programs: immerse yourself in historical scenes and take part in it, visit the other side of the world or go to space, see with your own eyes complex scientific experiments and study the results of recent scientific discoveries – VR is your key to all of it, and we are the company that successfully creates the very VR applications that allow us to diversify the educational process. Scientifiс and educational institutions, museums, and specialized state and international agencies express great demand in this technology.

Another related area is development of interactive VR presentations - we can offer our services in virtual simulation of images, scenes, phenomena, data, diagrams, models and anything else that should be recreated in three-dimensional, live, dynamic manner and subsequently be presented to prospective user.

Augmented Reality (AR)
AR – applications: the technologies of the augmented reality are just taking its place in the production activities of industrial enterprises. However, despite this, we may state the fact that AR-technologies came to service in some industries. The inventions of our company, such as AR-application –assistance for assembly production of one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment, can be the evidence of that.

Industrial Internet of Things IIoT

IIoT, Big data, application software development for industry

We provide such services as: design, development, supply, installation and commissioning of complex systems for predictive diagnostics of industrial equipment, including the creation of mathematical complex models. Obviously, it is better to predict damage and to do repair beforehand or to arrange replacement of some equipment than to bear losses because of the emergency failure of the unit and stop of all the production line. Besides, our team settle all the issues concerning different level production automation, modernization of DCS and etc.

Doing this we use the latest developments of leading scientific and engineering centers.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our realized projects, our experience and new ideas, that we are working on.

Contact us
Innovation center in Bulgaria:
Address: 2227 Bulgaria, Sofia district, Bujorishte, Europe PAT 88
Phone number: +359 88 929 81 97

Perpesentative office in Russian Federation:
Address: 117393 Russia, Moscow, Profsoyuznaya str. 56
Phone number: +7 495 259 06 27

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